WordPress Development Tips & Tricks to Save Time.

Website development has come a long way over the last decade; and for most people, the days of modifying and manually updating HTML pages are long past. Using platforms like WordPress or Joomla can save a dramatic amount of time on their own, but coupled with added benefits like the many plugins available on these platforms and one’s almost a fool not to use them. But especially if you’re new to WordPress, there are probably valuable tips and tricks to save time that you’re not using… and might be absolutely unaware of.

Since WordPress is easily the most popular website-builder platform out there, with WordPress websites making up a major slice of the internet, we’ve got a great list of valuable WordPress development tips and tricks guaranteed to save you time while building your websites.

Use WP-CLI to Manage WordPress Installations

If you’re a developer, you’ve probably heard of or possibly even used command lines before. The WP-CLI app allows you to work in the same fashion, using single lines to accomplish relatively complex tasks quickly and simply. For example, single lines in WP-CLI can be used to install wordpress, install and activate themes or plugins, change administrator information, and adjust other complex functions in a snap. This is all especially useful if you frequently install multiple instances of WordPress and use the same apps on all your installations.

Useful WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

A lot of the standard keyboard shortcuts you use in basic document editing can come in handy while creating or adding content. Sure, they might only save you seconds, but those seconds can add up when you’re producing on a deadline. Here are some of the best quick keyboard shortcuts that can come in handy:

Ctrl + 1-6 = Heading 1-6

Alt + Shift + u = create list

Alt + Shift + a = insert link

Alt + Shift + q = quote

Alt + Shift + m = insert image

Use Anti-Spam Plugins

WordPress websites can tend to attract spam, in great part because so many developers keep their websites on the out-of-the-box settings. If you don’t already, use some tried-and-true anti-spam plugins to keep the amount of time you spend dealing with spam at a minimum. Akismet is relatively well-known for being effective, as well as CleanTalk and WP-Spamshield. If your website build can allow for it, turn off comments and user registration for added protection.

Save Time On Images

There are plenty of plugins which can help you save time with adding images into WordPress content. For example. ImageInject provides a database of cc0 art to choose from so that you can spend less time hunting for royalty-free images to accompany content. And plugins like EWWW Image Optimizer can save time in a whole different fashion, optimizing your images so that they take up only as much space on your bandwidth as you need: creating a faster, more efficient website.

Save Time With Backups

On the scale of website problems, almost no irritation and time sink ranks up there with needing to restore from a backup. But of course, creating and maintaining backups is a critical component of good website management, and the better you maintain them, the less trouble you’ll be in should the worst occur. Great backup options like Updraft can create full backups of your WordPress website, including themes, plugins, and settings, so that restoring a website is reduced to a time commitment of minutes rather than hours, days, or weeks.

Wrapping It All Up

Being a website developer is a job that never ends. There are so many things, big and little, that take up time every day that it can feel like the to-do list never gets any shorter. With these tips and tricks, hopefully you can shave a lot of time off of your work with WordPress. Whether it’s just a simple trick like using keyboard shortcuts while writing or editing content or using fantastic plugins to winnow down the time it takes to manage a website, the time should hopefully add up.


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