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5 Mass Email Campaigns That Did Remarkably Well

If you’re trying to start your own email campaign, it doesn’t hurt to look at how the top companies are doing it When it comes to email marketing campaigns, some people still question their effectiveness. Who wants to deal with another email in their already crowded inbox? Can’t companies just use social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram to acquire new customers? Don’t people think mass emails are spammy?  While social media marketing does play an important role in a company’s overall marketing strategy, so does email marketing. In fact, it produces an extremely high ROI of $44 for every...

7 Reasons to Buy Bitcoin

There’s no denying of the fact that bitcoin is rapidly changing the world. There are several reasons why a bitcoin investor will never divert their attention from cryptocurrency. With much evolution of technology, people are struggling with problems such as online thefts, ransomware and phishing attacks. This is the main reason why bitcoin is a safe option for businesses to transfer money and store it on the web. Today, several governments across the globe and big banks rely on bitcoin. Secondly, there are a few strong reasons to invest in it. Continue reading until the end: 1.      It is the...

How can live webinars support your business?

Webinars are nowadays the easiest and most cost-effective ways to deliver visual, interactive experiences today`s customers expect. They are online workshops on a specific subject led by a host sharing their expertise on a particular topic. They efficiently save your time and money as you can make them from your office without having to travel and settling travel-related issues. Also, in difficult times e.g. pandemic, accidents or even natural disasters, they can help you uphold your business activity and keep your business going.   Regardless of the type of a webinar – whether it is a tutorial, product demonstration, on-board training or...

Electronics Contract Manufacturing Services Market: Overview

Electronics Contract Manufacturing (ECM), also known as Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), is a service outsourced by different companies from all around the world. A very common practice is to offshore or nearshore an EMS provider. That is why the Electronics Contract Manufacturing Services market is developing uniquely. In this article, we are going to show an overview of an EMS market and suggest the best place to outsource an EMS provider. Expected growth of EMS industry Researchers show that the EMS market is going to note an increase in turnover over three consecutive years. Western European EMS market is noting...

In retail? Learn how to sell more and make your shop a success

Retail sales are easy, right? People just wander into your store, they buy stuff, they're happy, you're happy. Sadly that isn't the case, it isn't that simple. Most retailers have to actually learn how to sell more goods from their physical bricks and mortar outlet. If you're struggling to make it in retail, here are some tips to help you sell more. Putting shoppers first It's busy. There's so much to do when you work in retail: keeping the displays looking good, putting out new stock, stocktaking, cleaning, tidying, balancing the till... all sorts of essential tasks. But the thing...
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