The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing Regulations

Learn how to create successful and compliant mobile marketing campaigns.  Image courtesy of Pexels.  When it comes to mobile marketing, you need to know a number of rules and regulations. You can develop the most ground breaking SMS campaign but if you don’t follow the rules set by the governing bodies you could find yourself in some financial and legal trouble.  In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the rules and regulations you need to consider and provide you with some tips to integrate into your mobile marketing strategy. Then we’ll share 10 mobile marketing platforms that can...

The 5 Best Ways to Upgrade Your Company’s Security

Whether you have your own experts or need to consult an IT firm, we’ve got you covered with the 5 tips to ward off hackers Now more than ever, businesses of all sizes are threatened with cybersecurity breaches. Hackers are more vigilant and are able to exploit even the smallest gap in your cybersecurity arsenal. You may be considering a complete revamp of your firewall and other security measures. If you are confused about which cybersecurity tools your business needs, it is best to consult an IT firm for help.  With so many individuals working from home, many businesses are...

3 Amazing Features of a Cloud Based Phone System

Cloud-based phone systems are the latest trend in telecommunications technology. If you own a business, and you’re tired of paying for a landline that doesn’t offer the flexibility and pricing you need to run your company, you should seriously consider making the switch to a digital phone system. Currently, 90% of businesses use some sort of cloud-based service, so if your company isn't utilizing this innovative technology, you're late to the party. Here is a look at some top benefits of cloud phone systems.  International Calling  Cloud-based phone systems use the internet, rather than relying on traditional phone lines. This means that you can...

Find The Perfect Cloud Storage Service For Your Small Business

Explore 5 different cloud storage services and examine the advantages and disadvantages. Image courtesy of Pexels. Cloud based storage services are becoming more common as cloud storage becomes increasingly cheaper and easier to manage. With the recent popularity of cloud storage, this means there are now so many more options available to choose from. The amount of options may make your choice overwhelming, so we are here to help. First, we’ll discuss a little bit about how cloud storage works and ways your small business can benefit. Then, we’ll get into the specs of each service to determine the perfect...
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5 Mass Email Campaigns That Did Remarkably Well

If you’re trying to start your own email campaign, it doesn’t hurt to look at how the top companies are doing it When it comes to email marketing campaigns, some people still question their effectiveness. Who wants to deal with another email in their already crowded inbox? Can’t companies just use social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram to acquire new customers? Don’t people think mass emails are spammy?  While social media marketing does play an important role in a company’s overall marketing strategy, so does email marketing. In fact, it produces an extremely high ROI of $44 for every...
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